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Chemical News

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Florida Award to Kevin Smith

9 aprile, 2018 - 07:00

COMP names 2018 winners

9 aprile, 2018 - 07:00

HIST Award to Jeff Seeman

9 aprile, 2018 - 07:00

Battling a deadly bat fungus

9 aprile, 2018 - 07:00
Chemical treatments offer hope—but no quick fixes—in the fight against white-nose syndrome

Quantum computing’s first steps into chemistry

6 aprile, 2018 - 23:32
The young technology shows potential in molecular simulation and catalysis alongside classical computers

Overhaul needed for methane measurements, National Academies report says

6 aprile, 2018 - 17:51
U.S. needs better information on quantities, sources, times, and locations of greenhouse gas emissions

Scientist gets 10 years for theft of gene-modified rice

6 aprile, 2018 - 17:23
U.S. customs agents found seeds in luggage headed to China

Engineered brewer’s yeast make potential cancer drug

6 aprile, 2018 - 05:01
Process eases production of noscapine, naturally made by opium poppies, and analogs

GenX chemicals taint sediments

6 aprile, 2018 - 04:59
For the first time, researchers find fluoroethers in North Carolina riverbed

Toyobo resolves suit over defective body armor

6 aprile, 2018 - 04:53
Japanese fiber maker to pay U.S. government $66 million for garments that were not bulletproof

Rocks are a missing piece of the nitrogen cycle

6 aprile, 2018 - 01:18
Biogeochemists argue that rocks supply a significant source of the element, which could have implications for climate models

Radical new way to control chirality

5 aprile, 2018 - 21:43
Two-catalyst radical reaction adds a variety of groups to nitrogen rings enantioselectively

MOFs strike tumors in mice with two-fisted blows

5 aprile, 2018 - 14:25
Drug-loaded compound combines radiotherapy and immunotherapy tumor treatment

Watch presentations from ‘Science of Sexual Harassment’ symposium

5 aprile, 2018 - 06:00
Speakers discussed psychology of harassment and how to help stop it

Engineered silkworms spin unusual amino acids into silk

5 aprile, 2018 - 01:07
Incorporating azidophenylalanine into the silk protein creates a slew of possibilities for modifying the prized material with click chemistry

Conjugate sneaks antibiotic into Gram-negative bacteria

4 aprile, 2018 - 21:42
Molecular Trojan horse tricks microbes into unleashing weapon of their own destruction

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