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Chemical News

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This feed brings you up-to-the-minute news from C&EN, including daily coverage of the chemistry enterprise, our latest videos and podcasts, and our award-winning feature-length chemistry reporting.
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In the name of community outreach, chemical firms invest in education

12 agosto, 2019 - 07:00
Industry sees an opportunity to engage with communities while ensuring a field of well-trained recruits

Environmental engineer Lupita Montoya scrutinizes air quality inside nail salons

12 agosto, 2019 - 01:15
The University of Colorado Boulder researcher poses artful solution to nail salons' indoor air pollution

Mice fed a low-methionine diet respond better to cancer treatments

12 agosto, 2019 - 01:15
The special diet seems to aid treatments that target 1-carbon metabolism

Catalysts turn racemic mixtures into single enantiomers

12 agosto, 2019 - 01:15
Light-driven deracemization process may offer general strategy for turning unwanted isomers into more useful mirror-image forms

Smartphone sensor sniffs out plant disease

12 agosto, 2019 - 01:15
A new smartphone sensor may help farmers detect devastating plant diseases

Antitrust regulators seek to block Evonik's peroxide purchase

12 agosto, 2019 - 01:14
The Federal Trade Commission says the purchase of PeroxyChem will leave the market too concentrated

No safe exposure to chlorpyrifos, EU regulators say

12 agosto, 2019 - 01:14
Food safety authority finds insecticide does not meet criteria for renewal

Video: The chemistry driving a fish's sex change

12 agosto, 2019 - 01:14
Studying one species of tropical fish may reveal clues to sex development in other animals and humans

Pathogen-fighting polymer

12 agosto, 2019 - 01:14
Copolymer loaded with sulfonic acid groups kills bacteria and viruses in minutes

MXene membranes could be an affordable way to harvest energy from saltwater

12 agosto, 2019 - 01:14
Ion-conducting films made from 2-D materials could lower the cost of generating electricity from salinity gradients

Chemists find source of shark fluorescence

12 agosto, 2019 - 01:14
Brominated metabolites make sharks glow and have antibiotic properties

Plexiglas business revives an old name

12 agosto, 2019 - 01:13

Graphene aerogel keeps single-atom catalysts stable

12 agosto, 2019 - 01:13
Unconventional support material firmly anchors active species, prevents agglomeration

Predicting asthma attacks in kids

12 agosto, 2019 - 01:12
Wearable environmental sensors, smart devices, and mobile health technologies aim to rein in childhood form of the lung disease

Podcast: Building a culture of safety

10 agosto, 2019 - 06:00
Stereo Chemistry examines how organizations are making safety a priority to prevent and prepare for accidents rather than react to them

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