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Chemical News

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Updated: 8 weeks 4 days ago

Third quarter looks grim for chemical industry

14 September, 2022 - 21:03
Eastman reduces outlook, while an analyst downgrades Dow

Capstan Therapeutics launches with $165 million for cell engineering

14 September, 2022 - 13:01
University of Pennsylvania spinout uses mRNA and targeted lipid nanoparticles for cell therapy

ChemLuminary Awards celebrate ACS’s volunteers

13 September, 2022 - 23:57
The society honors the volunteers who support its local sections, divisions, international chapters, and regional meetings

US Chemical Safety Board leaders aim to reboot agency

13 September, 2022 - 23:30
New board members face steep climb

Career Ladder: Michelle Wong

13 September, 2022 - 23:13
This content creator uses her chemistry background to explain personal care products to the public

The Inflation Reduction Act is already advancing carbon capture

13 September, 2022 - 21:49
Direct-air capture and blue ammonia projects are planned for Wyoming, Texas

Scientists uncover the mysterious origins of purple plaster in a Spanish palace

13 September, 2022 - 21:04
Once adorned in gold leaf, the ceilings of the Alhambra palace complex owe their royal hues to gold nanoparticles

Podcast: Lithium mining’s water use sparks bitter conflicts and novel chemistry

13 September, 2022 - 18:35
<i>Stereo Chemistry</i> explores the impact of the world’s hunger for lithium-ion batteries, an important tool in the fight against climate change

Opinion: Is organic chemistry on borrowed time?

13 September, 2022 - 13:26
The field depends significantly on petroleum for solvents and raw materials. Organic chemists need to plan for a future in which society moves away from oil

US Treasury Department derails Asymchem’s acquisition of Snapdragon

12 September, 2022 - 21:38
Decision indicates pharmaceuticals may join semiconductors and electronics on the radar screen for security risks

US DOE lays out paths for chemical industry to cut emissions

12 September, 2022 - 21:17
Powering process heat via electricity can lower energy intensity, report says

Pretzel Therapeutics launches to advance mitochondria-based therapies

12 September, 2022 - 13:34
Among the tools in the company’s arsenal is gene editing of mitochondrial DNA

Community colleges provide a crucial bridge to chemical and biotech industries

12 September, 2022 - 07:01
Community college programs point students toward rewarding careers in chemistry

Apprenticeships: Europe’s talent pipeline to industry

12 September, 2022 - 07:01
A training model firmly established in Germany, apprenticeships are becoming increasingly popular as a means to train the next generation of chemists in other parts of Europe and the US

Training industry chemists

12 September, 2022 - 07:00
Apprenticeships and community colleges provide nontraditional paths for young people to get into chemistry careers

Organics challenge ammonia as hydrogen carriers

12 September, 2022 - 07:00
Ammonia gets most of the attention, but some people think liquid organic hydrogen carriers will find a niche in the energy transition

Mad for microbiota

12 September, 2022 - 07:00

Virginia drug-making effort gets US funds

10 September, 2022 - 02:17

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