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Chemical News

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Updated: 9 weeks 1 day ago

ACS green chemistry summer school accepting applications

23 December, 2022 - 21:00
The 2023 session in Golden, Colorado, will mark 20 years since the program’s founding

Subtle base swap yields big difference in Suzuki coupling

23 December, 2022 - 19:30
Subbing an acetate for a carbonate means a cleaner, simpler reaction

EPA to reconsider sulfoxaflor insecticide risks

22 December, 2022 - 22:26
Agency violated the law when it expanded uses of the pesticide in 2019, court rules

Dimensional Energy cuts ribbon on CO₂ utilization plant

22 December, 2022 - 21:59
First of four planned low-carbon fuel facilities is up an running in Tucson

Silicon anode battery companies get a major boost

22 December, 2022 - 20:28
Start-ups raised nearly half a billion dollars in final quarter of 2022

There is a speed limit for detecting biosignatures in space

22 December, 2022 - 19:04
Spacecraft that fly too fast while seeking out chemical clues of life might fragment small biomolecules upon impact

ABCChem convenes in Marrakech

21 December, 2022 - 22:22
Conference gathers chemists from the Atlantic basin

Europe’s energy crisis hits research infrastructure

21 December, 2022 - 18:25
Early shutdowns and supply chain issues disrupt science at Europe’s research facilities

3M says it will end PFAS production by 2025

21 December, 2022 - 00:21
The company says the phaseout is a response to increasing regulatory pressure on the fluorinated chemicals

Battery anodes recycled in a flash

20 December, 2022 - 21:14
Jolt of electricity zaps impurities in graphite anodes, potentially offering a cheaper and greener recycling strategy

New method rapidly identifies art-damaging emissions from museum display materials

20 December, 2022 - 21:00
Researchers improve upon an analytical test that determines which materials conservationists use to store artwork

Moderna/Merck cancer vaccine shows promise in trials

20 December, 2022 - 18:46
In positive sign for field, personalized mRNA vaccine reduced risk of recurrence or death in melanoma

Fireproof polymer electrolyte for high-performance batteries

20 December, 2022 - 17:35
Adding extra salt to a rubbery polymer creates a safer electrolyte for lithium-ion batteries

Chemistry in Pictures: Holiday light

20 December, 2022 - 16:24

Chemistry in Pictures: O Chemistree

20 December, 2022 - 16:20

Membrane proteins open door into the cell for large bivalent molecules

19 December, 2022 - 23:39
Researchers report entry path for molecules once thought too big to be drugs

DOE details how it will dole out DAC dollars

19 December, 2022 - 20:00
Energy Department sets a brisk pace for deploying federal dollars on carbon management

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