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Dear SCI member,

in the following pages you will find the Chemistry Europe newsletter. As you know, Chemistry Europe is the organisation formed by all the chemical societies in Europe (SCI among them), owners of the European journals in Chemistry published by Wiley-VCH.

The "Newsletter" is published on a quarterly basis, signed by the four Presidents of the "Editorial Owners' Partnerships". You will find in it many useful information, will be adjourned on the more recent news on our journals as well as on our editorial organisation. Let me wish you a good reading! My best regards. Franco De Angelis Delegato SCI in Chemistry Europe

Dear Chemist, dear Society Member You have heard of Chemistry Europe - great, then this Newsletter brings valuable information for you. If you don't know yet who is behind Chemistry Europe then you should definitely read this Newsletter. Feedback is welcome!

Chemistry Europe Newsletter Issue No. 4
Chemistry Europe Newsletter Issue No. 3
Chemistry Europe Newsletter Issue No. 2
Chemistry Europe Newsletter Issue No. 1

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